How much is the new iPhone 6 going to cost?
New smartphone from Apple iPhone 6 definitely going to be one of the TOP sellers at the end of this year and even before it's presentation a lot of you might ask how much is the new iPhone 6 going to cost. Official prices on iPhone 6 will be declared after the presentation, but we can tell you already now estimated prices for the device.

Sam Sung sold his Apple shirt and business card for $2650
Guy with the name Sam Sung is the former employee of the Apple center in Vancouver. Recently to him came brilliant idea: to sell the t-shirt, the business card and a badge with Apple logos. As a result Sam Sung earned $2650 though the auction which began from only 99 cents!

When new iPhone 6 coming out?
Most of us are using iPhone's everyday and that's why information when new iPhone 6 coming out very actual for the moment. Apple iPhone is a giant's brand and will always be in the center of buyers attention.

So, what we know for sure about the new iPhone? First, that it will have 13 megapixel high quality camera. Second - new A8 Chipset. And the last - that new Apple iPhone will get longer life battery. Most likely, the forward panel of phone will be covered with shock-resistant sapphire glass which will save the smartphone from many types of damages. For now we can only speak of hearing's, but the iPhone 6 might actually be two phones. It’s been reported that it might be a version with a 4.7-inch display and one with a 5.5-inch screen. Although officially Apple has confirmed none of it.
Let's talk now about the date when new iPhone 6 device coming out. Last year, Apple announced 5S and 5C on September, 10 with release date on September, 20. According to recent data, official presentation of iPhone 6 has to take place on Tuesday, September 9 with the beginning of sales in the USA on Friday, September 19. We will continue to watch the latest news about the new Apple smartphone. Stay tuned!
Annual iPhone Circulation: True or False?

New iPhone 6

Next iPhone 6

Apple will start introduce a next-generation iPhone, tentatively on September 9th. The Apple Corp. has not yet confirmed nor denied this information. As a rule the date of the announcement becomes known to journalists about a week before the event.

However, if the presentation of new iPhone 6 really held on September 9, Apple will repeat the annual cycle — previous iPhone 5S was presented September 10, 2013. It's expected that this year Apple Corp. will introduce two version of iPhone: with screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

Likely to coincide with the launch of new iPhone on the gadget market, Apple Corp. will present to users a new mobile iOS 8.

The Benefits of an iPhone 5s Skin

The new iPhone 5s is an extraordinary phone that can do almost anything. With a powerful core, Touch ID and an excellent camera, it is important to protect this great gadget with a case that will absorb everyday wear and tear. There are tons of iPhone 5s skins available that provide not only protection, but style and individuality as well.

Consumers want amazing durability intheir iPhone 5 skins, which means superior grade, Official 3M vinyl is the only way to go. Every skin has been engineered to fit an iPhone 5s with the utmost precision. The perfect fit of the skin provides the ultimate protection from drops, fading and scratches. In addition to their accurate fit, these phone skins are also extremely stylish and versatile. IPhone 5s owners can choose from five different textures for their skin, including carbon fiber, titanium, leather, True Color, and wood.

iPhone 5s
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The carbon fiber skins, which are extremely scratch resistant, are available in red, white, or black. The carbon fiber skin is an excellent choice for an iPhone 5s owner who enjoys the great outdoors. Another popular texture is titanium, which is available in gold, black, or titanium colours. The titanium skin has hundreds of vertical micro-ridges that add grip and prevent unfortunate slips and drops. A sophisticated texture choice is the leather skin, which is available in both black and white. The vinyl skin is designed to mimic real leather, and many will be unable to tell the difference. True Color skins are perfect for those with vibrant personalities who want to express themselves through their phone skin. These skins are available in red, orange, yellow, blue and green, and have a powder-coated finish for enhanced grip. Finally, there is a wood texture that looks just like finished mahogany. This matte skin is ideal for professional personalities who enjoy the finer things.

The iPhone 5s skins are the perfect blend of form and function. In addition to being the most precisely fitted skins on the market, the wide range of texture choices allows the iPhone 5s user to truly express their style. From the unique look of the carbon fiber skins to the sophisticated elegance of the leather skins, there is something for everyone. Since the iPhone5s is extremely susceptible to scratches and dings, it is important to protect them with a top-of-the-line skin. These skins are scratch-resistant and made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. These extremely durable skins are the number one choice for the iPhone 5s owner who wants to combine both excellent functionality and unique textures that are extremely unique.